Changeset [741ce24a19ad] by hsoft

September 17th, 2012 @ 08:28 AM

[#325 state:fixed] Changed the label of the 3 date swap items in the import window.

Instead of just telling which fields they swap, they display the current and if-fixed date formats, thus improving the clarity of the operation. Moreover, the default date format of the system is tried first (unless the parsed format has a native date format) before trying the whole list of date formats.

That was a lot of work for a seemingly simple feature...

Committed by hsoft

  • A core/tests/testdata/csv/ambiguous_date.csv
  • A core/tests/testdata/qif/ambiguous_date.qif
  • M
  • M cocoa/en.lproj/Localizable.strings
  • M cocoa/ui/
  • M core/
  • M core/
  • M core/gui/
  • M core/gui/
  • M core/loader/
  • M core/loader/
  • M core/loader/
  • M core/loader/
  • M core/loader/
  • M core/model/
  • M core/tests/
  • M core/tests/gui/
  • M core/tests/
  • M core/tests/model/
  • M help/conf.tmpl
  • M help/cs/import.rst
  • M help/de/import.rst
  • M help/en/import.rst
  • M help/fr/import.rst
  • M help/it/import.rst
  • M locale/core.pot
  • M locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/core.po
  • M locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
  • M locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/core.po
  • M locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
  • M locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/core.po
  • M locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
  • M locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/core.po
  • M locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
  • M locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/core.po
  • M locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
  • M locale/ui.pot
  • M qt/controller/import_/
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