Changeset [1df5965ed312] by hsoft

March 5th, 2010 @ 09:45 AM

[#98 state:fixed] Added completion lookup. I couldn't get it to work on Qt however. For tables, the editor closes as soon as the lookup dialog shows up, and in panels, there can't be any lookup because they're modal. I'm not sure how I'll work around this crap.

Committed by hsoft

  • A cocoa/proxies/PyLookup.h
  • A cocoa/proxies/PyCompletionLookup.h
  • A core/gui/
  • A core/gui/
  • A cocoa/xib/Lookup.xib
  • A cocoa/controllers/MGLookup.m
  • A cocoa/controllers/MGLookup.h
  • A core/tests/gui/
  • A qt/ui/lookup.ui
  • A cocoa/controllers/MGCompletionLookup.h
  • A cocoa/controllers/MGCompletionLookup.m
  • A qt/controller/
  • M qt/controller/
  • M core/gui/
  • M cocoa/xib/BudgetPanel.xib
  • M cocoa/controllers/MGAccountLookup.h
  • M cocoa/controllers/MGAccountLookup.m
  • M cocoa/
  • M cocoa/proxies/PyCompletableEdit.h
  • M cocoa/controllers/MGFieldEditor.m
  • M cocoa/controllers/MGFieldEditor.h
  • M cocoa/controllers/MGMainWindow.h
  • M cocoa/controllers/MGMainWindow.m
  • M core/gui/
  • M core/gui/
  • M cocoa/xib/MainMenu.xib
  • M core/tests/gui/
  • M core/tests/
  • M cocoa/proxies/PyAccountLookup.h
  • M cocoa/moneyguru.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
  • M qt/support/
  • D cocoa/xib/AccountLookup.xib
  • D qt/controller/
  • D qt/ui/account_lookup.ui
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